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 1. I can Fly feat. DJ LAW■produced by DJ DAi-KEY 
 2. Low Angels feat. EL LATINO, Ms.Ooja■produced by T-Story 
 3. abstractive DOPE■produced by DJ DOPEMAN 
 4. 24/7 feat. Yo∞Hey■produced by HIROSHI MOTOKURA 
 5. MIC × ROCK feat. NORA■produced by FUEKISS!!  

 6. Play Back The Radio ~おつかれSUNDAY~ feat. YORK, 宏実■produced by Mr.T.K 
 7. Purest feat. MoNa■produced by AILI 
 8. LOWRIDE PRIDE feat. VEGA-T■produced by DJ PMX 
 9. I'm a GAMBLER■produced by BUZZER BEATS 
10. 電話でどんな感じ?的な♪ 
11. S567 feat. K-YO, PLATINUM■produced by HIDE 
12. JUNKMAN vs HUNGRYMAN feat. JUNKQERMA■produced by Capricer 
13. WALK on the STREET feat. THA DADDY-G, 黒龍■produced by I-DeA 
14. プロローグ 
15. Back Love feat. 詩音■produced by AILI
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